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Time for Retreat – Mercury Is Going Retrograde Again!

SAM_3336Here we go again! For the third time this year (however not the last one!), Mercury is going retrograde until 23rd September. I am sure everyone has experienced the intensity of 2016 so far, so have I. With the go-getter attitude, I have been turning the challenges into opportunities and worked towards getting things done. Especially in the month of August the last effort has been made before hopefully seeing the fruits of my work on the long-term goals. It has been a very intensive period and therefore in the month of September it is high time to take a pause and retreat a little to rethink, re-plan and recharge the batteries before the highly energetic month of October. How funny it is that my natural need to reboot coincides with Mercury retrograde! However, during the sensitive period of hindered communication that Mercury retrograde causes both in business and personal interactions, it is the very best one can do – slow down, retreat and recuperate. You too, take time for yourself in September and enjoy the very much needed “Me” time!