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Solar Eclipse – 20th March 2015

On Friday 20th March 2015 we will have a unique chance to see a near-total Solar Eclipse, which will begin at 8:24 am in Dublin area to reach its maximum around 9:30 am and depart by 10:30 am.

All Solar Eclipses have a special astrological significance. They are powerful New Moons. This March Solar Eclipse is no different. However, its energy is even more potent as the Solar Eclipse and a Supermoon merge into one. Moreover, it is also followed by the Spring Equinox and a change of seasons. The next Solar Eclipse like this will not occur until 2026.

What does it mean for us? If you have recently felt a strong urge for a life change, this rear phenomenon of nature is likely to bring you one, impacting the next 19 years. In astrology, Solar Eclipses, New Moons and Spring Equinoxes signify a good-bye to something old and embarking on a completely new journey or plan.

Therefore, it is a good time now to make plans, set goals and explore options to start a new adventure. However, it is totally up to us to seize the opportunity. Personally, I always look forward to the new beginnings. Out with the old, in with the new!