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Sample Numerology Portrait

Vincenzo, born on 14.12.1981

Vincenzo’s life path is humanitarian number 9 – service oriented and connected with teaching/mentoring others by giving them a good example and show them how to live better lives. Numerous 1s in his date of birth and name reveal he is extrovert, outspoken and have the gift of the gab. He also has leadership skills, a headstrong, overly assertive personality and big ambitions. Moreover, with many 5s he is adventurous and up to travelling and frequent changes. At the time of reading, Vincenzo has been in a 4 personal year, which means it is all about hard work and staying grounded and down-to-earth (4 is a number of discipline, Earth and laying foundations). However, it is not only about work for the sake of work and profit but also the development of inner self, self-discipline and personality.

As for his personal life, his relationship with his mom and father have not been perfect. His date of birth actually reveals a painful absence or loss of his father. Vincenzo grew up in the unstable environment that did not provide a sense of security or balance. From an early age he has been confronted with the value of money and the crime underworld of drugs, alcohol and violence. Therefore, the model deeply ingrained in his subconsciousness is a macho type who takes goodness, sensitivity and spirituality for a weakness. He believes men don’t cry and thus on the outside he refuses to show and admit whenever he has problems or experiences failures. What is more, he often challenges and undermines the authority of his bosses or peers trying to prove he is and knows better. He experiences a power struggle as he sometimes manipulates and controls others. He also tends to be workaholic.

It follows from the fact Vincenzo’s comfort zone is work and career. Work, promotion, success and development give meaning to his life and boost his confidence. He also knows how to manage money and other resources when he is actually the boss and dictates the rules. He likes being appreciated at work and in the circle of his friends. Especially, he seeks approval from men.

A person with his date of birth decides to start relationships with women very early in his life and unfortunately they are not happy ones. In his case it seems that he also started moving and changing places, especially after he was 19. Since his childhood, he has had to change places and surroundings (school, work, home) very often and those dramatic changes tend to happen to him even every 1.5 – 2 years. He also started to work and earn his living at an early age. However, at the age of 27 he entered a new period of his life and until the age of 36 he will concentrate more on a family life, including the family that he will start himself. After the age of 36, he will enter another intensive period of changes, travel, moving, new contacts etc.

Vincenzo’s life mission is to bring energetic harmony into his surroundings and to work with words – both written and spoken, to learn, gain knowledge and information, develop his skills and to pay close attention to the relationship with his siblings and contemporaries. He should also accept himself as he is and then try to raise his bar.

To make his mission happen, he was born with a special gift to make healthy and positive life changes and an amazing sense of beauty, aesthetics and self-expression. People like him always have a great taste in everything and a real artistic talent. He knows how to make life richer and more colourful. He knows how to arrange a space to make it cosy and special. He knows how to match clothes and colours and what to wear to look stunning and trendy. He also knows how to run a household and generously receive guests. People with his gift are arts lovers and very often get attractive physical appearance from God. Moreover, socializing and making new contacts is Vincenzo’s strong point resulting in having vast contacts in general.

However, Vincenzo perceives himself a serious, pragmatic person, with rich life experience and ability to give wise advice to others. At the same time, it is his ambition and aspiration to be consulted as an authority or expert. However, in his moment of self-doubt he might think he is not attractive or emotional enough, having old-fashioned, conservative views. His friends and people around him think he is a natural born leader, always the boss not to argue with, a charismatic strong personality. He is perceived as a self-confident and stubborn person who values himself and who has an interesting image.

As Vincenzo’s life gives him constant tests in the form of changes and challenges, he needs to learn to adapt to them. Moreover, he needs to be able to transform himself from the inside, cast away the old-fashioned and obsolete ideas/values as well as cut off the ties with the past. People with this kind of karma also need to learn how to work sometimes in extreme conditions, save people’s lives and give support to others, especially those unhappy, miserable ones. From his karma numbers it follows he should give special attention to partnerships, relationships and relations in his surroundings and community. He should try to develop diplomacy skills, tolerance and dialogue. Impulsive and intensive, he lacks patience with people and cooperation is a trait that must be learned. Moreover, without a single 7 in his date of birth or name, he might not be the top of the class when it comes to study but his salesmanship skills and promotion make him more successful than many intellectuals or academics. However, he often denies the spiritual world and the gift of intuition. Therefore, in this life time his karmic lessons will lead to mind-opening experiences.

In this incarnation, Vincenzo should stay balanced and make objective judgments that will allow him to keep the balance. Moreover, he should keep his matters in compliance with the law and respect others’ needs/opinions and equal rights for all the people. As he knows many troubled people and the problems of troubled areas, it would be highly beneficial and fulfilling if tried to use his life as an example to make them stay away from danger and step up on the rightous path thanks to own initiative, work, creativity and artistic potential. He could make a great motivator, entrepreneur and craftsman and win the recognition and respect he strives for.