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Numerology of Love

My favourite part of numerology is what can be called numerology of love. From the point of numerology, one can check the partners’ compatibility. In other words, some vibrations might simply be more harmonious and consequently allow a bigger chance to build a lasting, happy and fulfilling partnership. For this type of relationship analysis the dates of birth and personal life paths of two partners need to be considered and the connection between them sought. Today I would like to concentrate on an interesting relationship between a Two and a Five. 

People with a life path Two tend to have a pathological urge to please others in the relationships and often avoid disappointing others at the expense of their needs, whether emotional or material. Therefore, they are extremely dedicated, flexible and adaptable to keep their beloved ones happy re-prioritising and re-organising their own lives or giving up personal interests in the name of love or for the common benefit. Consequently, Twos make the best partners on the numerological scale. Home, family and harmonious relations with friends are extremely important to them. Loyal, caring and committed, they prefer a small circle of reliable friends rather than superficial relations with large numbers of random people. What is more, Twos do not mind moments of loneliness and complete silence to quiet their minds, find inner peace and re-balance their lives. They make great advisors and decision makers due to their profoundly analytical minds and sharp intuition. 
Both men and women, Twos are impossibly romantic and committed. However, those undoubtedly great qualities together with their big tolerance, patience and willingness to reconcile frequently get them into trouble and cause them to be dominated and taken advantage of. They should also be aware that they are hypersensitive beings, which should not turn into over-sensitivity. 
Therefore, to be happy in relationships and build true partnerships based on mutual respect and support, Twos have to remember to be assertive and set healthy boundaries. 
Fives though are total opposites to Twos. Scared of loneliness, sociable Fives are drawn to crowded places and big social gatherings and always surrounded by people. Their sense of humour, love for changes and travel, dynamic energy, carefree and adventurous attitude, ample ideas, cheerfulness and charisma put them in the centre of attention and that is what they really enjoy. Although Fives have vast contacts, they seldom have true friends. Why? They simply live too fast and meet too many new and random people to have time and focus to cherish the existing relations, worry about other people’s problems or try to understand their emotions when difficulties arise. For the same reasons, Fives often neglect their romantic relationships too when the prose of life knocks on their door. Therefore, if Fives are not able to work on that flaw or weaknesses, they will pay the highest price that they fear so much -  an overwhelming feeling of loneliness. 
Fives are extremely romantic and dream of great adventures in their love life too. If male Fives were to script their love story, in a nutshell they would be heroes saving the damsel is distress, making ardent declarations of love and promises of happily ever afters. Highly idealistic, dreamy, passionate, dynamic, sensual and full of sex appeal, Fives will spice up your life and cause a partner they will choose to have a fascinating life. On the other hand, Fives’ enthusiasm tends to be a flash in the pan and they should learn how to control their impulses. Otherwise, they will not be able to use their numerous talents and virtues wasting them in a destructive way. They will become overtly critical and unable to admit their own mistakes to use them for their personal growth and emotional maturity in a constructive way by correcting them. In the worst case scenario, seeking fun, new emotions and pleasure, Fives may get caught up in a cycle of never ending parties, drink buddies, drugs, alcohol, gambling and random encounters. To break out of it, Fives should work on their persistence and perseverance. 
Is a true partnership between a Two and a Five possible? Against all odds, yes it is and it would be a fascinating and passionate one. Fives love changes and Twos are highly adaptable, therefore changes are their nature and a second name. Fives can stimulate Twos in a highly motivating manner and encourage them to spread their wings and enjoy life. Twos can take care of the mundane side of life and bring back the balance to their relationship whenever Fives get carried away conquering the world. However, to avoid conflicts and disappointment, Fives should remember to slow down not to run too fast, otherwise Twos will find it difficult to keep up or follow. Twos in turn have to bear in mind that Fives love their freedom and social life above all and Twos will have to have ample reserves of patience and assertiveness.
Wishing all Twos and Fives lots of Love!