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Keep Calm, It’s Mercury Retrograde! A Survival Guidebook

Mercury, the planet that rules communication, technology, travel, trade, commerce and information exchange, is turning retrograde today. Therefore, we can expect the unexpected for another three weeks. It is no surprise either why Mercury retrograde is called the shadow period or a trickster. Travel disruptions, flight delays or cancellations, communication breakdowns, misunderstandings and technology glitches are just a few examples how Mercury retrograde casts its shadow and impacts our lives.

However, the devil is not so black as he is painted. There is a positive aspect of this astrological phenomenon too. Mercury retrograde is a perfect time to reflect, take stock or inventory, review, correct, amend or complete any unfinished business or project that has been put on hold for some time. In general, think of the prefix ‘re-’ which means going backward and which is exactly what Mercury is doing now. Please bear in mind that Mercury retrograde is cyclical and recurs three times a year. This is its second cycle this year and will last until 11th June. Yes, your calculation is right, unfortunately there will be another one … Nevertheless, only patience can save us … and maybe a few useful tips how to survive this strange period without a nervous breakdown as a special bonus ;)

- buy any electronics (such as computers, mobile phones, tvs, cameras, etc.) or vehicles. They are likely to prove faulty and break easily.
- sign any important contracts or documents. The deal might not be exactly what we want with some hidden agenda.
- start a new business or company. The legal side might get complicated or you might have a problem with finding customers.
- start a blog, launch a new website or open a new email account. The Internet might be acting up and technical glitches are more than likely.
- plan a distant travel. With travel disruptions, delays, cancellations going on in that period it might not be a picnic after all.
- be judgemental. Mercury retrograde affects not only you.
- push things to happen. Easy does it. Your desired outcome will happen sooner than you think. Mercury retrograde lasts only three weeks!
- make corrections and amendments. They will ensure a smoother path and communication ahead.
- go back to your old ideas, unfinished talks and projects. You might see them with new eyes and gain a unique perspective.
- relax and be patient and diplomatic. Frustration and haste can only aggravate the situation.
- get the repairs done.
- be willing to talk, explain and discuss over and over again even if it seems you have hit the Great Chinese Wall. With the help of Mercury retrograde, where the adjustment is needed will be revealed.

Therefore, keep calm and happy Mercury retrograde!