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My main focus has been on Tarot and Numerology since the very first moment I got interested in esotericism, spirituality and personal development over 15 years ago. Why did those unique disciplines make me tick? I was introduced to esotericism by my friend’s mother when I was a very young girl concerned about my Mom’s health. At that time, I started college and work. With so many responsibilities and my Mom’s illness life seemed  overwhelming. I felt my path was cobblestoned with worries, obstacles and sorrow and I got lost somewhere on the way to my happiness. Thanks to esotericism, I have gained a new perspective, rediscovered myself and changed my life completely.

Tarot and Numerology make life easier and allow to have faith and remain positive thanks to the guidance they give. Thanks to my experience, educational background and profession that require a deep understanding of human psychology and empathy, I have been meeting people from different social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and of different walks of life. The analysis of numerous dates of birth enabled me to make conclusions about the consistent patterns and messages encoded in the numbers in correlation with life stories.

Now I know that Numerology can give us a lot of information about our talents, life mission, life lessons, etc. What is more, when we substitute Tarot cards for the numbers, it turns out that the two methods complement each other perfectly. Sceptical as I was at the beginning of my life journey, today I am happy to share that knowledge with others and help them to have faith and see the light at the end of the tunnel.