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Happy Home Numerology

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Apartment and house numbers influence our moods and their vibrations attract certain people and situations. As I have recently moved and changed my address, I have felt inspired to share this interesting aspect of numerology with you.

First, start with your apartment number, which is of key importance. Add all the digits of the number on your door so that it has been reduced to a single digit figure, e.g. 20 —> 2+0 = 2. Next, if your house has a number too, repeat a calculation as above, e.g. 46 —-> 4+6 = 10, 1+0 = 1.

In this case, the prevailing vibration of the apartment is 2, and the overall vibration of the place is 3 (2+1 or 2+0+4+6).

Both vibrations are highly positive and lucky, attracting harmony, creativity, prosperity and friendships. 2 is a vibration of diplomacy and partnerships, therefore it fosters fruitful family discussions, co-operation, brainstorming and problem solving under that roof. 3, in turn, is a perfect vibration for artistic and sociable people. As 3 facilitates self-expression and personal development, its occupants cherish their hobbies, and friends often and willingly visit.

However, if e.g. you are lonely, try to avoid living at number 9. 9 is a vibration of solitude and endings. As a result, it is not very favourable when it comes to love life or financial/professional matters.

I, personally, wish you all harmonious vibrations of your households that will offer you peace, happiness and love.