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Happy Earth Day!

22nd April is celebrated as Earth Day to raise environmental  awareness and promote Earth’s natural diversity protection. Every time I travel and explore another part of the world, I marvel at how powerful, amazing and wonderfully perfect it is in its natural glory.

Hatta, the United Arab Emirates

   Hatta, the United Arab Emirates

Mother Nature has been nourishing us and providing a home to all humanity for thousands of years with its crystal clear waters quenching the thirst, the luscious fruit and vegetables giving the vitamin boost and forests sheltering the multitude of animal species. However, the once pristine paradise is in danger now and our planet is greatly suffering from industrialization, all kinds of pollution, waste, deforestation and animal killing. It is a wake-up call. Without clean water and oxygen mankind will not survive either.

Let’s remember our beautiful planet is also a magical source of healing energy. When we reconnect with nature, we align with earth and cosmic energies, which help us heal, relax and get rid of stress and anxiety. Simple practices such standing bare feet on the grass or lying on the beach allow earth energy enter and flow through our bodies.

Mother Nature has been kind to us, therefore it is important to remain grateful for all the natural goodies we have been receiving and be far-sighted to keep Earth alive and intact for us, our families and future generations. Happy Earth Day!