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Green Tara Mantra

Religions and beliefs of the world constantly change and evolve. In ancient religions gods and goddesses are equally worshipped. What is most interesting to me is how the importance of the divine female energy has been downgraded struggling to stay alive over the centuries. However, the New Age foretold by the Mayan calendar predicts the rebirth of the divine female energy and restoring the balance of the feminine and masculine elements of life in the world.

green-taraThe goddess that I feel I have a special connection with is Green Tara whose origin traces back to Hinduism and who later was adopted by Buddhism. Tara in Sanskrit means “a star” and has 21 representations with different colours and spiritual attributes.

According to Buddhist tradition, Green Tara, the goddess of virtous enlightened activity and abundance, is a compassionate motherly figure ready to act quickly as a saviouress and protector even in the most difficult life situations. Therefore, her followers call upon her when in distress they need help overcome fears, dangers, anxieties and when looking for aid to relieve their suffering.

“Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha” is a Green Tara Mantra chanted or sung to manifest her presence and liberation from all misery. Here are the links to the mantra whose energy and music always relax me and put my mind at ease. I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do.

Mercedes Bahleda
Deva Premal