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Brace Yourself – It’s Mercury Retrograde Again!

mercury retrograde aheadThe last Mercury Retrograde Cycle of 2015 officially started on 17th September! As it happens with Mercury Retrograde, a lot of issues with communication, travel and interactions will arise in this period. Honestly, it is not my favourite time of the year only because it is often full of tension, irritation and possible conflicts, cancellations, postponements, misunderstandings or arguments. As I wrote in my blog post dated 18th May this year, there are ways how to survive this period unharmed, however, my major advice would be patience, patience and once again patience! Try to spend more time alone, enjoying introspection, solitude and meditation for the next three weeks. Mercury will go direct on 9th October. The good news it is the last Mercury Retrograde Cycle in 2015 so happy days! :)