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11:11 Powerful New Moon in Scorpio!

Today on 11.11 there is a powerful New Moon in Scorpio. The great news is the date 11:11 indicates double new beginnings. In numerology the master number 11 is a portal or a doorway to the new and the unknown. It also indicates a heightened intuition. The Scorpio energy in turn gives courage to start the reinvention of our lives and transformation on the deepest level. It urges us to…Read More

Brace Yourself – It’s Mercury Retrograde Again!

The last Mercury Retrograde Cycle of 2015 officially started on 17th September! As it happens with Mercury Retrograde, a lot of issues with communication, travel and interactions will arise in this period. Honestly, it is not my favourite time of the year only because it is often full of tension, irritation and possible conflicts, cancellations, postponements, misunderstandings or arguments. As I wrote in my blog post dated 18th May this…Read More

Happy Home Numerology

Apartment and house numbers influence our moods and their vibrations attract certain people and situations. As I have recently moved and changed my address, I have felt inspired to share this interesting aspect of numerology with you. First, start with your apartment number, which is of key importance. Add all the digits of the number on your door so that it has been reduced to a single digit figure, e.g….Read More

Keep Calm, It’s Mercury Retrograde! A Survival Guidebook

Mercury, the planet that rules communication, technology, travel, trade, commerce and information exchange, is turning retrograde today. Therefore, we can expect the unexpected for another three weeks. It is no surprise either why Mercury retrograde is called the shadow period or a trickster. Travel disruptions, flight delays or cancellations, communication breakdowns, misunderstandings and technology glitches are just a few examples how Mercury retrograde casts its shadow and impacts our lives….Read More

Green Tara Mantra

Religions and beliefs of the world constantly change and evolve. In ancient religions gods and goddesses are equally worshipped. What is most interesting to me is how the importance of the divine female energy has been downgraded struggling to stay alive over the centuries. However, the New Age foretold by the Mayan calendar predicts the rebirth of the divine female energy and restoring the balance of the feminine and masculine…Read More

Solar Eclipse – 20th March 2015

On Friday 20th March 2015 we will have a unique chance to see a near-total Solar Eclipse, which will begin at 8:24 am in Dublin area to reach its maximum around 9:30 am and depart by 10:30 am. All Solar Eclipses have a special astrological significance. They are powerful New Moons. This March Solar Eclipse is no different. However, its energy is even more potent as the Solar Eclipse and…Read More