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October will be amazing!

Mercury Retrograde is over and a New Moon is on 1st October! Let’s get ready for more action and new projects, October will be amazing!

Time for Retreat – Mercury Is Going Retrograde Again!

Here we go again! For the third time this year (however not the last one!), Mercury is going retrograde until 23rd September. I am sure everyone has experienced the intensity of 2016 so far, so have I. With the go-getter attitude, I have been turning the challenges into opportunities and worked towards getting things done. Especially in the month of August the last effort has been made before hopefully seeing…Read More

Fresh Start, New Beginnings!

Happy Days! Mercury went direct on 22nd May and we can all breathe a sigh of relief! Communications should be smoother now and travel disruptions, last minute cancellations, misunderstandings and technology glitches should diminish. With the New Moon on 5th June embrace the chance for a fresh start and new beginnings. Spread your wings!

Happy Earth Day!

22nd April is celebrated as Earth Day to raise environmental  awareness and promote Earth’s natural diversity protection. Every time I travel and explore another part of the world, I marvel at how powerful, amazing and wonderfully perfect it is in its natural glory. Mother Nature has been nourishing us and providing a home to all humanity for thousands of years with its crystal clear waters quenching the thirst, the luscious…Read More

Happy Paddy’s Day!

Happy Paddy’s Day! Today is all about luck. In numerology, the number 17 carries a highly positive energy and is associated with happiness, numerous talents, help from above, creativity, charisma, grace and beauty. Green is a colour of hope, faith in the future and renewed health. A four-leaf clover is also thought to bring luck. May the luck of the Irish be with you all!

5th – 25th January – Keep Calm, It’s Only Mercury Retrograde Again!

2016 kicks off with Mercury Retrograde that started on 5th January to last until 25th January. The energy of the New Year is trying to push us forward, however in that awkward period one can be sure that Mercury, the planet of communication, travel and commerce, will be messing with our timetables, deadlines, vehicles, media, contacts, or even electronic devices. Make sure you always have a plan B ready just…Read More