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Affirmations – You Are What You Think!

We are all endowed with potentials for happy and successful lives as well as unique talents, however, it seems only a fraction of people try to use them fully. What limits the rest of them is their belief they are not good enough or apt to it. Positive thinking is one of the major keys to achieving success. Why? A positive attitude breeds optimism around us, sparks off happiness and helps to motivate us towards success. Therefore, we should practise it every day. To those who tend to be pessimists, or suffer from anxieties or a low selfesteem, or lack confidence etc., I highly recommend affirmations that help to purify the mind from negativity and open it up to infinite possibilities.

Affirmations are positive declarations or statements that are to engrain a positive perception of oneself and the world in order to necessitate a paradigm shift and manifest positive changes in real life. We should repeat them daily in our thoughts and verbalize them. We can also listen to them, write them down and read them or even sing them! All the methods are equally effective.

I encourage you to prepare your very own personal affirmations following the simple rules. All the affirmations are expressed in the present or past tense. They contain only positive words. Therefore, please give up using e.g. ‘never’ or ‘not’. The shorter and more specific affirmations, the better. The most important is that they should be easy for you to remember and identify with them.

Moreover, be careful what you wish for! For example when you prepare an affirmation for a goodlooking partner, remember to add his positive qualities of character. Or, when you think about finding a husband or wife, make sure you mean a single partner, otherwise you start attracting somebody’s spouses.

Here is an example of an affirmation for perfect work that comes from one of the first self-guidebooks on affirmations and selfmastery “The Game of Life and How to Play It” (1925) by Florence Scovel Shinn:

I have a perfect work in a perfect way; I give a perfect service for a perfect pay.

However, there are plenty contemporary publications on the topic available on the market, if you wish to gain more insight. For example I recommend simple and beautiful affirmations by Louise Hay.

How about you now affirming your life in affirmations too and starting to use them every day?