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11:11 Powerful New Moon in Scorpio!

Today on 11.11 there is a powerful New Moon in Scorpio. The great news is the date 11:11 indicates double new beginnings. In numerology the master number 11 is a portal or a doorway to the new and the unknown. It also indicates a heightened intuition. The Scorpio energy in turn gives courage to start the reinvention of our lives and transformation on the deepest level. It urges us to trust our gut feelings and cast off the shackles of any outmoded, toxic or restrictive ways or systems. Therefore, combined with today’s New Moon, a new cycle is simply a must! Liberation is the ultimate gift you can pamper yourself with in that potent period to let you walk through the magical 11:11 gateway of self-mastery and rebirth and rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. Following the Mae West quote “Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go everywhere”, it is a perfect time for empowerment and awakening to walk away from what is not working for you anymore. ¬†Enjoy the journey and new horizons!!!